Natty Progression


Fish on!

I got crazy depressed this spring and stopped keeping current on responsibilities both real and imagined(this blog being one of them). Played a ton of shows, some of which were more enjoyable than others. RX Fest and Bummerpop Fest were high points for sure, and I almost convinced myself we wouldn’t have to play to empty bars anymore. The crazy shit we can convince ourselves of, amirite?!

Anyhow, we’ve got a cool show this Thursday at the Alberta St. American Legion. Miko Miko from Seattle, and the buddies from Second Sleep.

On the positive tip, we’ve been consistently rehearsing and writing a ton of new shit, all of which is significantly better than the old shit. As surreal as it sounds, we’ll be recording at Ice Cream Party in October. I honestly believe this is the best band I’ve ever played in, and I’m incredibly excited to start working on this record.

New EP comes out in January! Time to go eat dinner.