Depression don't mean a thing

There are a lot of reasons why its hard to talk about personal depression.  I think maybe the most difficult reason for me personally is that I never want to cause someone else's guilt, anxiety or suffering.  Whenever I tell someone that I'm not doing ok, it feels as though I can sense the pain and exhaustion that it forces them to experience on my behalf.  I mean, what normal empathetic human being wants to cause someone pain?  And when you talk about your depression with someone, if they are in any way normal and empathetic, wouldn't they be forced to share your suffering to some degree?  


Looking back on that last paragraph, it reads as though I were writing towards some proposed solution to this problem. The truth is I don't really have one, and I struggle with this shit all the time.  Maybe thats why I'm secretly writing about it in a blog no one knows about.

Oh well.  Anyhow, we're on Spotify now.