Natty Progression


Fish on!

I got crazy depressed this spring and stopped keeping current on responsibilities both real and imagined(this blog being one of them). Played a ton of shows, some of which were more enjoyable than others. RX Fest and Bummerpop Fest were high points for sure, and I almost convinced myself we wouldn’t have to play to empty bars anymore. The crazy shit we can convince ourselves of, amirite?!

Anyhow, we’ve got a cool show this Thursday at the Alberta St. American Legion. Miko Miko from Seattle, and the buddies from Second Sleep.

On the positive tip, we’ve been consistently rehearsing and writing a ton of new shit, all of which is significantly better than the old shit. As surreal as it sounds, we’ll be recording at Ice Cream Party in October. I honestly believe this is the best band I’ve ever played in, and I’m incredibly excited to start working on this record.

New EP comes out in January! Time to go eat dinner.


Another actually good show coming up, and E.P. mixing starting in January


It may not look like it, but I spent an ungodly amount of time making this poster, so I hope you like it. Really, actually, honestly excited for this gig. Been listening to Snow Roller’s newest album Y2K quite a bit and enjoying the hell out of it. Its a shame that they’re breaking up, because Portland definitely needs more bands like this.

On a side-note, we’re sending our 5 song banger that we’ve been sporadically working on over the last year and a half to Mike Davis for mixing. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is impossible to mix your own records and make them sound good, so I’m just not going to do that anymore. K thx bye!

Last Saturday's Show(12/15/18)

Last Saturday we played at Turn! Turn! Turn! with maybe my favorite band in the universe, Seacats. If you are unfamiliar with the Seacats squad and are the one wierdo who got lost on the internet and somehow found yourself here, the best and most accurate advice I could give you would be to check them out.

I was extremely lucky to get to spend several weeks in California with the Davis brothers a few years back, and I count it as one of the best experiences of my life. Mike and Josh put an insane amount of love and energy into everything they do and are a constant inspiration to me. Though Mike is 10 years younger than me, I consider him my most valuable mentor when it comes to audio engineering, and I wouldn’t be nearly the sound shaper i am today without his guidance and knowledge.

As far as shows go, this was honestly one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of playing in years. Every band was awesome. Indigo Kidd and Mo Troper were a blast to watch, and for the first time in a while I felt like our set was super solid. Excited for things to come, and shows like this are really what make it worth doing this shit at all.

P.S. I’m starting to get into animation! Check out the short thing I put together for this show!

turn turn turn banner.jpg

The most cute and best show ever held in an apartment

Made some new friends and played an absolutely adorable show at an apartment in Beaverton.  Allen did a really great job playing snare super quietly and using a cardboard box as a kick drum.  The folks from Sarchasm and Grumpster were friendly and helped us get in touch with our inner punk.   Looking forward to playing with them again and wishing them all the best on the rest of their tour!


'Merica and the Crawfish

We played this really incredible show for the 4th of July. 500 people came from all over the greater Portland area to eat Crawfish, drink drank and occasionally check out which band was playing.  I tried to eat the crawfish, and realized its not my thing.  As always seems to be the case when we play a really exciting show, I drank too much and other stuff and felt really crumby the next day.  Even so, what a good time!  Saw some old friends from my early Portland days, so the nostalgia got me good.  Really thankful for being invited to play this one, and all the hard work people must have put into it to bring it together.



Depression don't mean a thing

There are a lot of reasons why its hard to talk about personal depression.  I think maybe the most difficult reason for me personally is that I never want to cause someone else's guilt, anxiety or suffering.  Whenever I tell someone that I'm not doing ok, it feels as though I can sense the pain and exhaustion that it forces them to experience on my behalf.  I mean, what normal empathetic human being wants to cause someone pain?  And when you talk about your depression with someone, if they are in any way normal and empathetic, wouldn't they be forced to share your suffering to some degree?  


Looking back on that last paragraph, it reads as though I were writing towards some proposed solution to this problem. The truth is I don't really have one, and I struggle with this shit all the time.  Maybe thats why I'm secretly writing about it in a blog no one knows about.

Oh well.  Anyhow, we're on Spotify now.