Nihilist-core cerebro-rock


Silver Medal is a 5-piece rock band from Portland, Oregon that has taken rhythm-driven pop in one hand, a dog-eared existentialist novel in the other, and shaken the hell out of both until they make a catchy rhythm. 

With a shared addiction to compelling hooks, pop harmonies, and depressive episodes (bummer on that last one, guys) Silver Medal came together in a neon-lit basement during the cold months of 2016 and have been writing irresistible nihilist-pop ever since.

Their freshman album, Easy Doesn’t, was released in 2017. The satisfying nostalgia of crunchy guitars, earnest vocals and irony-free lyrics is balanced out by well-crafted melodies and shiny synth, all glued together by the band’s quintessentially Pacific Northwestern DIY ethos. 

Live, Silver Medal alternates between bittersweet pop melodies and emotional, wall-of-sound rock, with an evolving mood that keeps the audience engaged as they easily swing from pensive, reflective melodies to drum-driven, danceable, pop-rock odes to Camus.


"It's a fine thought, that there is beauty in mystery."


Current folks

  • David Lloyd

  • Ian Stephens

  • Jared Brannan

  • Allen Anderson

  • Christian Brannan

Past folks (that we're still friends with)

  • John Carlucci

  • Jacob Whinihan

  • Adam Smith


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we out here




Thurs Aug.22 @Post 134 w/Miko Miko, Second Sleep & Marina Price

Sat Oct.5 @The Library w/Young Elk & Cascades *Single Release Show*





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